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Rouge Noir Gin

Rouge Noir Gin Rouge Noir Gin
Rouge Noir Gin Rouge Noir Gin
Rouge Noir Gin
Gin from vineyard botanicals with wine distillate
€ 48,00
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This handcrafted gin finds its origin at the Entre-Deux-Monts wine estate. The contour lines of the Red and Black Mountain, indicate the sloping flanks from where a cautious selection of several indigenous botanicals have been done. Those botanicals from around the vineyards and the addition of a wine distillate, aged for 6 years in oak barrels, made it possible to produce this unique gin from a unique terroir. 

Vineyard botanicals: purple cornflower, chamomile, yarrow, bloddy dock, poppies, juniper

The Rouge Noir Gin is crafted and distilled for Entre-Deux-Monts by Filliers Distillery

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